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Teacher who was accused of sex with a student, found dead with husband

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. – Following reports from Huntersville Police, a teacher accused of molesting a student and her husband were found dead with apparent gunshot wounds.

Garinger High School teacher Emma Ogle, 63, was arrested last week after being accused of having sex with a student.

During a press conference police said they received a call Wednesday morning about a suspect inside a home barricaded with a weapon. Before police responded to the call, Michael Ogle, 59, and the husband of Emma had not shown up to work Wednesday morning.

According to Police statements, a family member went to the home and later reported that Emma Ogle was inside the home alive with a gun.

Multiple agencies and SWAT teams responded to the home, However when authorities arrived and was able to gain entry into the home they found two bodies later identified as Emma Ogle and Michael Ogle, both had died from apparent gunshot wounds.

Police said they are still trying to piece together the order of the events that took place inside the home.

An elementary school across the street from the police investigation was placed on a “code yellow” lockdown, according to school officials. That means regular classroom instruction continued, but students were not allowed outdoors.

Emma was arrested on Halloween and charged with having sex with a student, crimes against nature with a student and felony indecent liberties with a student.

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